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Magdalene House Kerrville

Magdalene House Kerrville is a two year residential community serving women who have been victimized by trafficking, prostitution, addiction and abuse.
Hunt UMC is currently taking donations needed for Magdalene House. We have set up a plastic tote in the fellowship hall for the following paper and hygiene items. Paper towels, toilet paper and Kleenex, shampoo, crème rinse, soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, combs, and brushes.

Thanksgiving Food Drive.

In 2011, our first year of the Thanksgiving Foood Drive, we distributed 32 Thanksgiving Food Baskets. The word spread fast, and the number of Food baskets grew each year. 2017 is our seventh year to host this wonderful program and we fed 83 families. We have been able to help many clients through this program with God’s blessings. Thank you to the Hunt Community and Hunt UMC for all your generous donations making the Thanksgiving Food Drive a success.

Flood Relief

Gift Card Delivery!

Wesley Nurses who traveled to impacted areas to help and hand out gift cards.